Haiti Anti-Hunger  Nonprofit Organization

Haiti Anti-Hunger Nonprofit Organization

Last Hope Foundation is a Haiti and Dominican Republic anti-hunger nonprofit organization. We believe that all people throughout the world, including Haiti and Dominican Republic deserve to live in comfort free from poverty and the struggles associated with it. Our foundation is based in Norcross, GA, but gathers donations from around the entire United States for countries like Haiti and Dominican Republic around the world.

The Situation in Haiti

Haiti and Dominican Republic need services to help with hunger and poverty. The country is around 50 percent undernourished, which means about half of the population needs additional food and care. The undernourished population includes children. One in five children throughout Haiti are not only undernourished but are actually malnourished.

As a Haiti and Dominican Republic anti-hunger organization, we work tirelessly to bring food and nourishment to these families and children. Much of the hunger difficulties found in Haiti and Dominican Republic are related to the rampant poverty found throughout the country.

In Haiti and Dominican Republic 59 percent of people live in poverty, with almost one-quarter of the population in extreme poverty. Without looking at both the poverty and hunger difficulties in Haiti and Dominican Republic we risk missing some of the problems that are contributing to the suffering.

The Work We Do

Last Hope Foundation understands the difficulties that face the people of Haiti/ Dominican Republic and what we can do about them. We know that hunger and poverty are inextricably linked and that we must address both to address either one.

Our goal is to alleviate human misery wherever we find it, from Haiti to the Dominican Republic. We work to reduce hunger and poverty because these two are at the foundation of much of the misery experienced in the world.

We also work to reduce preventable diseases, which we believe can be accomplished as we eliminate poverty and work to prevent starvation around the world. Our work is rooted in a belief that the world can be a better, kinder place, but that we must be a central part of bringing that world to pass.

Please consider making a tax deductible donation to Last Hope Foundation, a world-class Haiti and Dominican Republic anti-hunger organization, online today.