Children in Crisis Nonprofit Organization

Founded in 2018 by native Dominican Ramon de Leon, the Last Hope Foundation is a children in crisis nonprofit organization that is dedicated to alleviating hunger and poverty in Latin American countries. Ramon grew up in the Dominican and has experienced firsthand the hardship and poverty in this country.

After helping in his native country for many years, Ramon started the Last Hope Foundation in order to bring more awareness in the United States to the poverty and crisis families in Latin America face. We are based in Norcross, Georgia, and work with donors from across the country.

What We Do

In developed countries such as the United States, many people take for granted access to clean water, food, education, and medical care. But these resources are much scarcer in Latin American countries such as Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Last Hope Foundation works as a children in crisis nonprofit to provide access to food, clean water, healthcare, and education. We have donated school supplies to children and have also worked to supply vaccinations to reduce preventable diseases.

Illness and lack of education are two of the primary contributors to poverty, which is why Last Hope Foundation targets these areas specifically. When people are healthier and able to get an education, they are more prepared and able to work and contribute to their local economy, thereby reducing poverty for their own families and the economy as a whole.

In addition to addressing these systemic issues, we provide food and clean water so that people are able to enjoy healthier living and stay alive while gaining an education.

How You Can Help

Many people want to help those in developing countries but do not know how or where to start. If you are financially able, donate today! You can make a one-time donation, or you can set up a recurring fund of any amount on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly schedule. Of course, your donations are tax-deductible, so hang on to your receipt.

You can also join volunteer efforts to deliver supplies, food, and medicine in these impoverished countries.

To learn more about Last Hope Foundation, or to learn how you can help or volunteer, call (470) 800-1009, fill out our contact form, or email us at You can also subscribe to our newsletter at the top of the page. We can’t wait to talk to you and show you how you can help.